from authors, presses, and publications I have worked with:

Michael James Ploof, USA Today Bestselling Author:


“Working with Holly has been a pleasure. Her turnaround time was quick, and when I needed to reschedule she was very understanding and flexible. Her editing was thorough, thoughtful, and precise. I look forward to working with her on my next project.”




JM Clark, Author of New Kings of Tomorrow:


“Working with Holly was the best thing to happen to my novel. Her content edit and copyedit were so good, and they transformed my good work into something great. Holly is friendly, helpful, and goes out of her way to make your book the best it can be. Every dime was well spent, and I’ll be using her services as long as I’m writing. Very pleased.”


Amanda Harvey, Author and Blogger:

“Holly was so great to work with. She was very professional and timely with all of her responses. Her edits were very insightful and helped me develop my manuscript to a level of completion I never could have achieved on my own. I’m looking forward to working with her on any of my future projects.”



Abby Weeks, Bestselling Amazon Romance Author:


“I love working with Holly. She has edited my last three novels and since working with her, I’ve been able to hit the Top 100 Romance Authors on Amazon for the first time. I wholeheartedly recommend her services. She is always professional and is a pleasure to work with.”




Boyd Craven, Bestselling Amazon Kindle Author:


“Holly has been an integral part of my writing process for multiple novels. I have learned so much from working with her. Her attention to detail and comments have helped me improve as a writer, and her editing prowess has helped contribute to my Amazon best sellers rank.”




Kimberley Nadine Knights, author at Ravenswood Publishing

“In the past I’ve heard nightmarish tales of editors who stomp all over your work and morph it into something it wasn’t meant to be. But Holly completely restored my faith in editors. She was able to understand my style of writing and improve the flow in some areas (without changing the entire scene). Her attention to detail is unmatched and she was always available to answer even the silliest of questions, despite her packed schedule. I will definitely be using Holly again for Book 2 in my series!”

Cyndi Lord, Award-winning Amazon Author:



“Holly Kothe edited a short story for me. As a result of her expertise, the story took first place in the large Texas Authors Association contest. As a bestselling Amazon author and editor myself, I can tell you Holly’s keen eye and input is an asset to serious authors.”



Bertram Allan Mullim, journalist, novelist, short story author: bamwrites.com
“Every writer seeks an editor who will find that tiny needle in a haystack; Holly Kothe would find one in the sand, too. It’s awesome to find an editor who sees my projects as more than some job they have to do for money. As a fellow author herself, and a great one at that, Kothe knows the struggle writers go through. My work was in kind and understanding hands, yet equally firm ones.”

Doug Turnbull, author of 10 science fiction novels: www.dougturnbull.com


“Holly Kothe edited a 47,000 word manuscript for me earlier this year (2015) and she did an excellent job. Her proofreading was flawless and displayed a very clear understanding of modern prose usage, spelling and vocabulary. Her editorial remarks and suggestions were cogent, clear, to the point, and addressed how content was delivered while not attempting to modify the content itself. Her pricing was very reasonable and fully disclosed at the beginning of our transaction. She gave me an accurate estimate of the date when she would be finished and then delivered on that date. I highly recommend Ms. Kothe’s editorial and proofreading services, and I will be sending her another manuscript in December.”

Jessica A. Briones, Author of When He Came Back:


“Holly was wonderful to work with, very supportive, exactly what I needed in an editor. Suddenly the whole process didn’t freak me out as much as it did in the beginning, and I looked forward to publishing my novel.”

Lorraine Sears, Managing Editor at The Oddville Press Magazine:

oddville-cover     “Holly M. Kothe undertakes all challenges positively and efficiently and is a major asset to the team, With her enthusiastic approach and her friendly, helpful communication, Holly ensures everyone remains confident that their work is in the best hands. She has a keen eye for detail and approaches each piece with an awareness of the author’s unique voice and style so that it remains distinctive and outstanding.”

Sue R. Anderson, Author of Digging Deep for Change:

ddfc “As a first time author, I needed assistance in structuring as well as editing. Holly delivered both and then some with the precision of the professional she is. Clear-cut and precise, her services to me were invaluable. Holly has an eye for meticulous detail and doesn’t miss a beat with her practical commentary regarding any revisions made.

She delivered my manuscript as promised in a very timely fashion and streamlined it while keeping the authenticity of my work intact.

Her expertise is priceless, and her pleasant demeanor makes her easy to work with. You simply won’t find a better editor than Holly Kothe!”

A.J. Mathews, author of Goodbye to You:

aj mathews “As I finished the first draft of a new project close to my heart, I needed an editor sensitive to–or at least respectful of–some rather quirky and troubled characters. Holly’s response to my inquiry revealed that she might be a good fit for my manuscript, and her sample edit did not disappoint. With the full edit, Holly’s advice concurred with feedback from a couple beta readers, but her in-depth analysis showed me where in my manuscript these problems could be found and fixed, which is often one of the most difficult things for a writer to pinpoint. Holly’s attention detail and before-the-deadline turnaround were priceless, and I look forward to working with her again soon. If you’re planning to self-publish, or about to go out on submission to agents or publishers, do yourself a favor, and invest in a quality editor. There are a lot of freelance “editors” out there, but Holly’s a terrific one who exceeds expectations. You won’t be disappointed!”

Eve Rabi, author of My Wife’s Li’l Secret:

9185JuRA0-L._SL1500_ “It was my first time working with Holly, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Hence, I was a little nervous as to whether The Espresso Editor would deliver as promised. I shouldn’t have been. Holly was flexible, efficient, thorough, and prompt.  After that I entered into a contract for two more of my upcoming books with The Espresso Editor. Need I say more?”

Daniel Royer, author of Sci-fi/fantasy series: Secrets of the Egoles’ Nest:

secrets “Holly is a joy to work with. She catches all the errors I have overlooked. The nicest part of working with Holly is her great attitude. Her editing rates are amazingly affordable. Holly M. Kothe is the real deal and I can only hope she’ll be available when my next book comes out.”

Visit Author Daniel Royer’s Website

Michael J. Hultquist, Chili Pepper Madness:

51vT8n4pNOL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_“Holly is a tremendous help. You really need another pair of professional eyes on your work if you want it to be the best. Holly provided a quick turnaround and I was super happy with the results. Thanks again, Holly!”

Catt Dahman, CEO at J. Ellington Ashton Press:

1439889303Holly is very pleasant to work with, but be prepared to have your work carefully scrutinized and for her to work towards perfection. A smile from her only precedes her meticulous editing and dedication to excellent manuscripts.”

Beau Johnson, author of Mary Kathryn, www.beaujohnson.us:

beau johnson “My latest novella had some bits about it that I wasn’t sure worked.  I’d looked at it too long, fiddled with it too much, and just had too many good ideas.  So I bundled it off to a professional editor to get help sorting out my mess. I got the first pages back this morning.  I’m delighted.  Holly can read my mind.  As I stutter and trip over my keyboard, she sees what I meant to say and guides me there. I’m very happy. If you need an editor, give her a shout.”

C.S. Burton, author of  The Enterprise:

10150658_1566677450286264_4142360767778902010_n “For a debut author like myself, I don’t think I could find better hands than Holly’s to edit my manuscript. Her professionalism is in every aspect. She drives you through the whole process with confidence. Her edits were precise. But I guess what I liked the most was that she did not only point out the mistakes, she also took the time to highlight where I did well. After she completed the editing, my story was still there, the way I thought, but it became a much smoother to read.”

Lilian Jade, author of Highland Darkness:

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE “As a new independent author, I needed an editor, not just any editor, but the editor. As a writer who feels deeply interconnected with her characters, I needed an editor who would delicately pick apart my manuscript and comb her way through the story with care. Holly was kind, respectful, and honest. She handled me with care, she offered up suggestions for me to either change, add, or edit in order to make my manuscript more inviting. I would recommend Holly to anyone, not only because of her affordable prices, and her professionalism, but because she cares.”

LeeAnn Redding, author of Vampire Guardian:

961032_858322150861557_1890561302_a  “Holly is a very thorough editor. She even gave my story a second edit in order to make sure I caught all my mistakes. She gave me ideas on part of my sentences that needed to be reworked because they were slightly confusing. She was also available to ask questions about some of the comments she made. I’m going to use Holly as my editor for my future stories.”

Ronnie Lee Jeffires, author of The Executioner’s House:


“Writers need editors, and not just any editors, they need good ones. Holly M. Kothe is just such an editor. She is professional, affordable, and all around awesome. I have used her services and am well-pleased my search for an editor is over!”

Randy R. Fabert, script writer/director of Autumn Moon and Psycho Killer:

1235246_498931293536294_1364249149_n   “Holly is the only editor I trust to edit my film scripts–she catches all of my blunders. She is a charm to work with and as professional as they come. I also gave her the task of writing the synopsis for the back of one of my DVD covers and now I trust no one else to write my film blurbs. Every task that I give her, she passes. Always under my deadline and above my expectations.”

Kimberly Grenfell, editor at Imagination Ether Press, author of The Perfect Player:

Bailey and me “Holly Kothe is a top-notch, spot-on editor with a sharp eye for detail and a keen ear for retaining an author’s unique voice and style. She’s very professional and will work one-on-one with an author to help develop his project to its finest potential. Definitely an editor worth hiring.”

Shaun Woodson, director, scriptwriter of The City of Heroes:

1394418_10200906487176820_1436521026_n  “Holly is my Go-To editor, and the only editor I trust with my work. She’s fast, friendly, and extremely reliable. She notices things that skipped my eye, and things I thought to be correct. I would recommend Holly to anyone who wants the job done correctly with the utmost quality and in a timely manner.”


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