Editing and Writing Services

Any genre, any word count.

Fiction: novels, novellas, short fiction, synopses, query letters, book blurbs, plays, screenplays, etc.

Nonfiction: memoirs, articles, academic writing, resumes, blog posts, business docs, website content, etc.

For manuscript editing, I offer a flat fee based on the service requested. Basic copyediting starts at $0.02 cents per word. Depending on a project’s unique needs and the depth of editing, the prices listed below may fluctuate. 

Basic Copyedit:  Starting at $0.02 per word

Copyediting deals with straightforward issues such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, omitted/repeated words, word usage errors, subject/verb agreement, and verb tense. Copyediting is less subjective; it does not focus so much on the craft of writing. It is simply about following language rules and style guides (think American vs. British vs. Canadian English or Chicago Style vs. AP Style).

During a copyedit, I will also flag style choices that are important in making your manuscript consistent (titles in italics vs. quotes, capitalization of titles and brand names, numerals vs. spelling out numbers, etc.). I will also flag consistency errors: Is the character’s name spelled Jonathan in one scene and Jonathon in another? Are his eyes green in one scene and blue in another?

A basic copyedit ensures that your work is error free and squeaky clean, but does not provide input on voice, style, flow, or effective word choice. A proofread is always recommended after this service.

Line Edit: Starting at 0.025 per word

The more in-depth line edit not only includes all of the elements of copyediting, it goes a step further and focuses on the craft of writing prose. I take the voice and style of the author into careful consideration as I focus on clarity, flow, and organization of ideas. I not only flag awkward wording, I also provide suggestions on how a certain line or phrase might be made more effective. As an editor devoted to my craft, I don’t want to simply point out mistakes; I want to provide expert advice on how to improve your work and offer inspiring solutions!

Line editing also involves suggesting cuts for tightening wordy sentences and pointing out the overuse of passive voice, repetition, and convoluted sentence structure. A proofread is always recommended after this service.

Content Edit: Starting at $0.025 per word

Developmental or content editing comes before a copyedit and looks at the “big picture” or overall content, structure, and style of your manuscript. I provide not only a critique of content issues, but guidance and suggestions on how to go about improving the manuscript. This type of assessment deals specifically with the art of storytelling.

Rather than focusing on mechanics, I offer creative suggestions to improve upon the story in any and all necessary areas such as plot, character development, dialogue, description, exposition, point of view, timeline, style, and narrative voice. With this type of edit, I edit in-line with track changes, provide numerous margin comments for each chapter, and deliver an overall report of global comments to refer to. Sometimes a developmental editor suggests rearranging or cutting entire scenes and/or adding more to the story. Some questions I consider in my writing suggestions: How can the voice of a character be made to sound more authentic? How could a scene be made funnier, or more dramatic, or more realistic? How can the dialogue flow better? How can the author develop a story in the most appealing way and create the biggest impact on the reader?

A good editor takes into account the genre and style of each unique work and avoids imposing her own voice on the story. After a developmental edit, revisions are made by the author, and the manuscript is ready for copyediting.

Proofread: $0.01 per word

The lightest form of editing, to be completed after your manuscript has been professionally edited. I flag any typos or errors that may be missed or added during the editing process. This is the final stage to ensure the manuscript is as polished as possible before publication.

Content + Copyedit Package: Starting at $0.035 per word

The fee for this service will include two rounds of editing for those authors who would like both developmental and copyediting. Once your revisions are made after my developmental edit, we go straight into copyediting. A proofread is always recommended after the copyediting round.

*Other packages are available. Feel free to mix and match from my entire list of services and contact me to negotiate a price for combined services. 

Manuscript Critique / Assessment: $0.02 per word

For a manuscript critique, I provide commentary in the manuscript, but also a separate chapter-by-chapter report on the strengths and weaknesses of multiple elements: writing style, plot, characters, setting, dialogue, commercial appeal, etc. A manuscript critique is thorough, but less involved than a developmental edit. It is a round of coaching for writers who want to understand how to improve their writing and story before hiring an editor.

Writing Services:

$50 / hour

I am an experienced writer of both fiction and nonfiction. My writing services include, but are not limited to, agent queries, articles, blog posts, fiction, ghostwriting, author bios, advertisements, social media promotions, reviews, story blurbs, and synopses. A fee will be negotiated per project according to scope. Contact me to discuss your writing needs!


Want something different or aren’t sure what you need?

If you don’t see the service you are looking for or you aren’t sure exactly which service you need, contact me and let’s discuss your needs for your particular project.

Payment Policy and Hiring Process

Once we’ve agreed to work together, I email you a contract I have signed outlining the terms (price, deadline, payment installments, confidentiality). You can E-sign the contract, or print a hard copy and scan it / snail mail it back to me.

After that, I work on giving you the best editing service available. Here are a few more facts about my payment policy:

  • I ask for 50% up front. The final 50% is due upon completion of your manuscript.
  • You may pay via Paypal or by check.
  • My rates include answering whatever questions or concerns you may have regarding my edits.

Contact me and let’s chat about your work! 



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